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Setting up your website/web app

Create a website, for example, using jQuery Mobile and upload your site to your webspace. WebViewGold supports all kinds of web apps/websites (including HTML, PHP, WordPress, Progressive Web Apps, HTML 5 Games, WiX, bubble.is, …). Please make sure to optimize your website to feel like a macOS app. For example, may disallow user zooming:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, user-scalable=no" />


Setting up WebViewGold for macOS Desktop apps

In the first step, download WebViewGold for macOS in order to create macOS desktop apps. Afterward, open the Xcode project file:

Main file of the Xcode project

Choose the public folder and configure the config.json file:

Config file of WebViewGold for macOS

Open index.html file to edit the URL:

Insert your web app URL into index.html file

If you want to use local HTML content (instead of a remote URL), just replace the index.html file with your own content.


Change the app icon

Step 1 of inserting your app icon into the Xcode project
Step 2 of inserting your app icon into the Xcode project
Just replace the included image files with your own resized image files. Alternatively, use this helpful tool: Asset Catalog Creator - App Icon, Image Set & Launch Screen Generator for iOS & OS X by Bridge Technologies Limited (we are not affiliated with the developer company).


Change the application name

Steps of changing your application name in your WebView Mac Xcode project


Optional) Change the Offline Screen text

Open the OfflineOverlay.xib file in Interface Builder subfolder. Afterward, double click on the text to edit the text:

Edit the Offline Screen in your macOS WebView app


Optional) Change the First Run Dialog text

Open the FirstRunWindow.xib file in Interface Builder subfolder. Afterward, double click on the text to edit the text:

Edit the First Run Dialoag in your macOS WebView app


Optional) Change the Splash Screen text/ duration

Open the SplashScreen.xib file in Interface Builder subfolder. Afterward, double click on the text to edit the text:

Modify the Splash Screen behavior in your Mac WebView application

If you want to modify the maximum duration of the splash screen, open the Preferences.m file in Generic subfolder to change the timeout value (in seconds):

Edit the Splash Screen maximum timeout in your macOS WebView app


In-App Purchase & In-App Subscription API

Within some macOS/Mac apps, you can buy additional content or services. These kinds of purchases are called "in-app purchases". They can be an attractive source of revenue for developers and are very convenient for customers as they use existing accounts and payment sources for settlement. WebViewGold allows triggering Mac App Store In-App Purchases. Just add your In-App Purchase Product ID (obtained from App Store Connect) in the Constants.h file:

Mac App Store In-App Purchase Product ID in Constants.h file

Afterward, just link to this kind of URL:

<a href="inapppurchase://?successful_url=https://www.google.com">Buy In-App Purchase</a>

Alternatively, use this kind of URL for subscription products:
<a href="inappsubscription://?successful_url=https://www.google.com&expired_url=https://www.yahoo.com">Start In-App Subscription</a>

In this URL example, https://www.google.com should be called after the successful subscription activation, and https://www.yahoo.com should be called as soon as the subscription is expired.



WebViewGold allows passing a non-personal, unique device ID (UUID / "Universally Unique Identifier") to JavaScript, which can be used to identify macOS devices uniquely. This API can be useful, for example, to save settings or values on the server-side and restore them on the client-side. Please respect local and international privacy regulations if you use this API.

<a href="get-uuid://">Get UDID</a>
<a href="#" onClick="alert(uuid);">Show UDID</a>


Credits / License

All rights (e.g. of images) belong to their respective owners. The provider of this source code is OnlineAppCreator.com c/o jocapps GmbH - registered in Germany - and is not affiliated with Apple. IOS is a registered trademark of Cisco and used under license by Apple Inc. iPad, iPhone, iPod, Xcode, and Xcode logo are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. WebViewGold for Mac is based on MacGap (licensed under MIT license).

Please take a look for license info of your CodeCanyon purchase: https://codecanyon.net/licenses/terms/tools


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