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    see changelog here.

    1) Setup website/HTML files

    Option 1: Use URL (store files online):

    Create a mobile-optimized website, for example using jQuery Mobile and upload your site to your webspace, for example using a webspace package from 1&1. Please make sure to optimize your website to feel like an app. For example may disallow user zooming:

    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, user-scalable=no" />

    Option 2: Use local HTML folder (store files within the app):

    This Xcode project supports local HTML folders within the project too: Just copy your html/css/js files to xcode and set uselocalhtmlfolder to true (see next step). IMPORTANT: Import every single file into Xcode by dragging them into Xcode. Placing all files to root folder might be important (so do not access "css/style.css" but "style.css").

    2) Setup Xcode project

    In the first step, please decide wether to use the Swift or the Objective-C edition of WebViewGold:

    Swift edition is recommended for most cases.
    Just unzip the folder of your choice:

    Open WebView.xcodeproj afterwards:

    Within Xcode, open WebViewController.swift (if you use Swift source code) or ViewController.m (if you use Objective-C source code) and you will see a document like this:

    Here you are able to setup your app easily.

    3) Change name & icon

    It's very easy to change the Display Name of your app:

    Just insert a new name which should be display on iOS home screen.
    Afterwards include your own App Icon and Launch Image:

    Just replace the included image files with your own resized image files. Or just use this nice tool: Asset Catalog Creator - App Icon, Image Set & Launch Screen Generator for iOS & OS X by Bridge Technologies Limited (we are not affiliated with the developer company).

    Local Push Notifications via JavaScript

    You can insert a piece of code (JavaScript) in your website, to define a push notification, which can be shown after your app was closed (while scheduling it during the app is open).

    var seconds = 120; //seconds from now on
    var message = "It is Happy Hour now! Check it out!"; //the message
    var button = "Open App"; //the text of the button
    window.location.href = "sendlocalpushmsg://push.send?s="+ seconds +"=msg!"+ message +"&!#"+ button +"";

    It could be used for different situations (countdowns, happy hours (like in the example code), reminders, ...).
    To cancel all scheduled local push notifcations run:
        window.location.href = "sendlocalpushmsg://push.send.cancel";

    If you do not want to use this API, open AppDelegate.swift (if you use Swift source code) or AppDelegate.m (if you use Objective-C source code) and set registerlocalpush to "false" in order to prevent asking the app user for notification permission.

    Local push notification API is build-in. You might need to include a Remote Notification API for some scenarios (feel free to contact us).

    Image Downloader API

    Save images to the camera roll of the user by running this script on your website:

        var imgurl = ""; //Image URL
        window.location.href = "savethisimage://?url="+ imgurl +"";

    Option 1: Open all external hosts in Safari

    If you want to open every URL, which is not on your host in Safari, please set your host in Setup and set openallexternalurlsinsafaribydefault to true.

    Option 2: Open specific hosts in Safari

    Open WebViewController.swift (if you use Swift source code) or ViewController.m (if you use Objective-C source code) and scroll down until you see this code snippet:

    To add another domain, just copy this part and insert another host, which should be opened in Safari. Please enter the host exactly the way you link to it (with or without www, but always without HTTP/HTPPS/.. in Xcode).

    Build App

    To build your app click on Run:

    Publish App

    Want to publish your app in App Store?

    Use your Apple Developer Program Subscription to publish your app in App Store.

    Credits / License

    All rights (e.g. of images) belong to their respective owners. The provider of this source code is c/o jocapps GmbH - registered in Germany - and is not affiliated with Apple.

    Please take a look for license info of your CodeCanyon purchase:

    This template contains the framework MKAdditions - please read the license info:

    This template contains the framework SVProgressHUD - please read the license info:

    IOS is a registered trademark of Cisco and used under license by Apple Inc.
    iPad, iPhone, iPod, Xcode, and Xcode logo are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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    Get WebViewGold for Android

    Get WebViewGold for Android

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