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    We can not speak in the name of the Google Review Team, but Play Store approval highly depends on the content you provide in your app, as WebViewGold does not give content by itself. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that the approval rate for apps based on WebViewGold is enormously high. Check out our example apps at 🙂 Please make sure to submit an app using a website/web app that behaves like a mobile app (for example, by using responsive design and removing social media widgets). Make sure that the content does not contradict the legal requirements of the Google Developer Program. Use different link colors than standard HTML colors and responsive design for a better user experience. And please feel free to send all the details to – we are 100% here to help you! Moreover, please consider a professional User Experience/UX Review on or similar services before submitting your app. Such a UX review also helps you to achieve better customer retention in general for your product with suggestions for improvement. If Google rejects your app, we can offer you a full refund of the WebViewGold license (by claiming within 14 days after purchase). Alternatively, you can re-use your license for another app.

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