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    Web Authentication (WebAuthn) is a web standard for secure authentication.


    Do I need to manually add WebAuthn support to my WebViewGold-based Android app?

    No, you don’t! With the WebViewGold app template, WebAuthn handling support is provided out-of-the-box for your Android app.

    This means that once you use the WebViewGold for Android template, your app will automatically support WebAuthn without additional tweaks.


     Can I customize the text prompts and messages related to WebAuthn in the WebViewGold app?

    Absolutely! While WebViewGold for Android supports WebAuthn by default, you can customize the text strings for all languages. These can be edited in the strings.xml files for all languages. Here are some of the default text strings:

    <!--Web Authentication (WebAuthn) dialogs-->
    <string name="username">Username</string>
    <string name="password">Password</string>
    <string name="submit">OK</string>
    <string name="auth_dialogtitle">Login</string>
    <string name="user_name_required">A username is required</string>
    <string name="password_name_required">A password is required</string>

    Just find the respective line in the respective strings.xml file and edit the text between the <string> tags to fit your requirements.


    How do I know if my WebViewGold-based app is correctly handling WebAuthn prompts?

    Once you’ve built your app using WebViewGold, you can test WebAuthn functionality by visiting a website that requires WebAuthn authentication within your WebView app. If you’re prompted with the customized strings you’ve set, it means WebAuthn is being handled correctly.


    I’ve encountered issues with WebAuthn in my WebViewGold app. What should I do?

    First, please quickly ensure that you haven’t inadvertently made changes to the default WebAuthn handling mechanism provided by WebViewGold. If you’re sure it’s intact, you may want to reach out to WebViewGold’s support for further assistance.


    In Summary: The WebViewGold for Android app template simplifies the process of adding WebAuthn handling to your Android apps. Not only does it support it natively, but it also allows for easy customization of text strings to fit your brand’s language and tone. If you encounter any issues or need further customization, always refer to the official WebViewGold documentation or support channels.

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