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    This error occurs when you are using an older version of Xcode since this refers to a line of code that requires iOS 16.4 support and above.

    In iOS app development, it is recommended to use the latest versions of Xcode and MacOS to keep up with the technology advancements.

    However, if you are unable to upgrade your Xcode version to support iOS 16.4 and above (Xcode 14.3 and above), you can just delete that line of code that is causing an error. Its only purpose is to make the app’s web content inspectable via Safari for debugging.

    To delete the line of code:

    1. Open WebViewController.swift
    2. Search for “isInspectable
    3. Delete the line: if #available(iOS 16.4, *) { webView.isInspectable = true; }
    4. Rebuild/run your app.
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