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    This error message can be due to several factors in your development environment. Please check the error code provided for more detailed information on the cause.


    “Unable to install,” along with the error code -402653081, typically indicates an issue with the installation process of your iOS app on your iPhone. The error message also suggests checking your project settings and ensuring a valid product has been built.

    Please perform the following checks to resolve the issue:

    1. Clean and Rebuild:
      • In Xcode, go to Product -> Clean Build Folder.
      • After cleaning, try building and running your app again.
    2. Check Provisioning Profiles:
      • Ensure that you have valid provisioning profiles for both development and distribution. Make sure they are up-to-date and match the bundle identifier of your app.
    3. Check Code Signing Settings:
      • Verify that your code signing settings in Xcode are correctly configured for your target and project. Go to your project settings, select your target, and navigate to the “Signing & Capabilities” tab.
      • Make sure you have put your bundle ID in both the WebViewGold and OneSignal notifications targets.
        • Click here to view our YouTube tutorial on updating your bundle ID and signing settings.
      • Make sure that “Automatically manage signing” is checked.
    4. Restart Xcode and Device:
      • Sometimes, Xcode or your device may have encountered a temporary issue. Restart both Xcode and your iPhone.


    If you are still having issues, please contact our friendly technical support with details on the error you are experiencing 🙂

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