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    There are a few potential reasons you might see the “Failed to create provisioning profile” error message when trying to build or run an iOS app based on WebViewGold. Here are ten possible solutions:

    1. Could you ensure that you have selected the correct signing certificate and provisioning profile in your Xcode project settings?
    2. Could you ensure the device you are trying to run the app on is included in the provisioning profile you are using? App Submission requires at least one device registered in the Apple Member Center. Do you own an iPhone or iPad that you could add there?
    3. Check for expired certificates or profiles. Renew or regenerate them if needed.
    4. Could you make sure that the Bundle Identifier in your Xcode project matches the one in your provisioning profile?
    5. Could you ensure you’re logged in to Xcode with the correct Apple ID?
    6. Try revoking and re-generating your provisioning profile.
    7. Restart Xcode or your Mac, and try again.
    8. If the problem persists, you may need to check the Apple Developer website to see if there are any issues with provisioning profiles or if the site is down for maintenance.
    9. Before you archive the iOS app for App Store submission, make sure to choose the “My Device” / “General iOS device” device option, which is at the very top of the dropdown list here: see screenshot at
    10. Moreover, it could be a problem with Xcode not correctly managing the profile itself. In case it helps to delete the profiles from ~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles and get Xcode to redownload them (Xcode > Preferences > Accounts > Download Manual Profiles).

    If you’re still facing the issue, check the Apple Developer forum or contact Apple developer support for further assistance.

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