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    There are three modes in WebViewGold:


    1) REMOTE URL MODE – in this mode, everything HAS to be online, and it will display the offline screen when the user is offline. On Android, WebViewGold is able to display a cached version if you set CLEAR_CACHE_ON_STARTUP to false.

    2) LOCAL HTML MODE – in this mode, WebViewGold will access a local, embedded HTML file. This will work online AND offline, and while being online, the HTML file can load any cookies/local storage elements/AJAX requests. If you use a Progressive Web App as a basis, you can use the standard caching mechanisms as well.

    3) FALLBACK MODE – WebViewGold offers a fallback mode that uses an HTML folder if the user is offline, and uses a remote URL if the user is online.


    It’s impossible to store local content and access it via the remote URL because HTTP/HTTPS sites are not allowed to access LOCALHOST content (but LOCALHOST is allowed to access HTTP/HTTPS content). That’s called Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS); more info:

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