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    WebViewGold apps are often cheaper and easier to deploy and use than native apps. No need for a developer anymore! Moreover, you don’t have to go through the App Store / Play Store review process every time you need to update your content, and web app content can be updated simultaneously on multiple platforms. That is why so many people choose to either update the current app or launch a WebViewGold-based app update.

    For the update people, it is crucial to consider that you don’t lose any of your current customers when updating your app with the fresh WebViewGold-based one. If you need help with updates and other aspects, follow our guide below or contact our customer support team:

    1. After creating your WebViewGold apps, you just set the package name (Android) or bundle identifier (iOS/macOS) to the same one as the old, existing app.
    2. Increase the version (iOS/macOS), versionCode and versionName (Android). 
    3. Make sure to sign with the same Keystore or certificate as the previous/existing application.
    4. Send your app to Apple or Google for the review process.
    5. Whooop! Enjoy your WebViewGold-based app update.

    Details on how to perform these steps can be found in the included documentation. Moreover, our support team is happy to help you! 🙂