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    In-App Purchases are a way of making money by selling content, services, and other items within the app. This offers users more value for their money and allows developers to earn more from their app or game.

    The advantages of In-App Purchases are:

    – The developer can make more money from their app or game.
    – The user gets more content for their money which means they get more value for the price they pay.
    – It is easy and convenient to buy in-app products with their existing payment-enabled Google / Apple accounts

    So there are many good reasons to try setting up in-app purchases in WebView apps. But what to do if it doesn’t work? Here’s our ultimate checklist for developers & app users:

    a) Is the app based on an Extended License of WebViewGold?

    b) Is the app itself live and approved in Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS)?

    c) Is the in-app purchase live and approved by Google (Android) or Apple (iOS)? Do you use the correct product identifier?

    d) iOS-only: Do you test using a physical iPhone/iPad (iOS) instead of iOS Simulator?

    e) Ensure that you are logged in with a Sandbox account (created in the Apple Developer Center or Play Store Developer Console) when accessing the App Store or Play Store. Also make sure that you added the Sandbox account to the TestFlight tester group.

    f) Are you logged into the Google Play Store app (Android) or App Store app (iOS) using a valid Google / Apple account?

    g) Android-only: Was the app installed on a device with the latest Google Play Services?


    Getting rejected by Apple still? Then check out this article.

    For app users, especially the last two checklist points are relevant; for developers, all checklist points are essential to check.

    Still not working? Our WebViewGold support team is happy to help you! 🙂

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