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    Some clarifications: Think about your app like a full-screen browser. Everything will work and look like your web app/website. All the changes you have done to your website will be applied to your iOS & Android app immediately.


    This is just the browser part. For In-App Purchases you need to use and implement our Bridge API, it cannot be imported automatically. Please check out (iOS) or (Android). Our In-App Purchase API allows you to redirect to an URL in a successful payment/subscription case. If the subscription expired, another expiration URL will be called. Both URLs can be used to trigger upgrading your user in the database or setting a client-side “premium” cookie.


    Moreover, please make sure to buy the Extended License of WebVieGold if you plan to use In-App Purchases.


    We cannot provide the In-App implementation via Full-Service package as this is nearly 100% work on your website/web app itself 🙂

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